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It is believed that the Romans first bridged the River Tyne at the place we now know as Newcastle. The river here passes through a shallow gorge with the city of Newcastle standing on the northern bank. All around the city are the docks and staithes built to handle the coal traffic. At the inception of this trade much of the coal was shipped to London by collier.

To cater for the ever-increasing traffic passing through the city many great bridges have been thrown across the Tyne, culminating with the Millennium Bridge, a work of engineering that is both functional and graceful. This opening bridge pivots on either bank to allow passage of tall ships; because of its construction it has been dubbed the Millennium Eyelid.

Seagoing trade is still important to Newcastle with regular ferries still operating to ports in Northern Europe, including Bergen, Hamburg and Ebsjerg.

Not far out of Newcastle the remains of Hadrian's Wall can be found. Stretching from the east coast of England to the west coast, this imposing structure was built to secure the boundary of the Roman Empire against the marauding tribes from the north. Many parts of the Wall can still be seen and for the visitor with a hire car they are relatively easy to access.

For a quieter time, Kielder Water is the largest man-made lake in Europe. This huge reservoir provides Newcastle with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of good clean water.

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