Top Car Rental Companies in the UK

There are many car rental companies in the UK, but for efficient and effective services, you need the best. Here are the top car rental companies in the UK.


Enterprise is a major and well-reputed car rental company in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is a good option to rent a car when visiting the UK. You should be informed about insurance and extra fees and try to rent directly with the company.


As one of the major international car rentals, Hertz has a very strong presence in the United Kingdom. It also has a fleet of many different new cars and recognises international clients through various reward programmes.


This is one of the major car rentals in Europe, with a fairly considerable market share in the UK. It has a presence in several locations in major cities in the United Kingdom and airports. It also operates a shuttle service.

The company offers an overall good service with cars in good conditions and very variable rates.


Avis is a car rental company with a very good local and international reputation. It has locations in major UK cities and airports.

Their fleet of cars is in excellent condition, so you don’t need to be afraid of extra charges. Book directly from their website or from their representatives in the UK.


Europcar is an important car rental company in the UK. Their rates are more expensive, but they have a good reputation with top-notch services and websites. Endeavour to book in advance and confirm before your trip to be sure of what you booked.

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